The most democratic and totally flexible and customizable contracts prices.
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Reconciling traditional and digital solution processes to not force the person to hand.

By collecting your customers' data pass your marketing focus would be sharper.
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It is easy!

Your customers identify themselves as they wish and blow up your address book in a flash via:

  • QR code
  • Email
  • Phone

You keep control

On your side it'll simply add the points you give to your client.

  • Confirm the transaction by a movement
  • Check your customer list
  • Send messages and personalized offers

Automatic sync!

Each time an action is happening in store, the app syncs with the cloud alone.

  • Runs up to 24 hours without internet connection
  • Automatic synchronization when the rotation of the support
  • All transactions are encrypted

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  • At Thai Light, we are the first to try the applications of Eric and Loic. Thanks to iterations and to have considered all the comments of the testers, they also managed to create a fun and efficient solution for all traders too.

    Nagy Louis

    Manager at Thailight

  • Since the beginning of 2014, Eric is attentive to the needs and difficulties encountered by traders by inquiring with the UCM. In this way, WonderDigit is an application that sticks to the reality on the ground and offers an effective loyalty solution.

    Sophie Legrand

    Head of Business Development Movement UCM

  • Today, the intersection of mobile phones with physical shops stand out as a top priority. WonderDigit is the first comprehensive solution available to all retailers.

    Marc-Alexandre Legrain

    Creator of the concept «Le Client est R.O.I.»

  • We have accompanied the project during its design to Model outperforming its business. WonderDigit enables retailers to optimize customer loyalty while remaining independent in their approach. This project could also contribute to the revitalization of a shopping town, they activate the network system.

    Maryse Degraen

    in Strategic Intelligence Advisor to the SPI

  • For us, performance and application efficiency are paramount. We can not afford to wait 30 seconds each time a client must authenticate itself on the tablet. Well done! For the challenge met!

    Cédric Joannes

    Manager of Le Coup de Midi

  • It's a pleasure to advise this dynamic and innovative team. In one year, the application had significantly already changed and the project went to highly greatness.

    Olivier Mallue

    Coach residing in VentureLab